How it works:

We have one buyer: me, Sabrina! I currently only work in-store to cover shifts or when foot traffic demands an extra hand, but you can bring in your vintage anytime during store hours. My staff are trained to cherry pick in demand, in season and in acceptable condition vintage clothing and accessories. You will be given a drop-off slip and called back in 1 to 3 days with your totals. 

If you have a LOT of vintage, ie. more than 50 items, please make an appointment first. If you are traveling from out of state or far away and cannot come back within the week of drop-off, please make an appointment first. 

We offer 30% purchase price based on the resale value or 45% store credit based on the resale value. You can elect to do one or the other or a bit of both. You can also keep store credit on file for as long as you like. 

Items that are not clean or have repair work will receive an as-is resell price. Since your percentage is based on the resell value, the more ready to put on the sale floor your items are the more you receive. 

Items that we pass on will be donated to a local charitable thrift store one week from the time you receive a phone call about your items. 


What we buy:

We buy vintage from the 20s to the late 90s. We look for both collectible items as well as looks that are trending. We buy based on demand of items as well as what is in stock. For instance, if we still have 75 sweatshirts and it is June we may pass on a very basic sweatshirt that you would like to sell. We buy seasonally, however, certain collectible items have no season. Amazing T-Shirts or Jeans for instance, we won't care if it's middle of winter or summer. 

Our general buying seasons are as follows:

  • Late January to Early April: SPRING : Lightweight jackets, windbreakers, lightweight long sleeve shirts and blouses. Think wardrobe you would wear in the spring.
  • Late April to Early July: SUMMER :Tank tops, t-shirts, shorts, sundresses, short sleeve shirts. Think wardrobe you would wear in the summer.
  • Late July to Early October: FALL: Cotton sweaters, terry cloth dresses, quilt lined jackets, cardigans. Think wardrobe you would wear in the fall.
  • Mid-November to early January: WINTER: Chunky wool sweaters, heavyweight coats, flannel lined jeans, furs. Think wardrobe you would wear in the winter.

 Have too much to bring in?

I DO travel for vintage! I don't mind digging and I don't mind full house estates or old barns full.  I'm your gal.  Just call and we can talk about what you have and arrange a time for me to come to you.